Founder Kudrat Dev's interview: Journey to YCM

published on The Supreme Court Cases Blog


Response + Ability

RESPONSE+ABILITY: I take responsibility for every word I say and build on my ability to respond vs. react.

Leadership + Reliability

LEADERSHIP + RELIABILITY: I am a leader with or without a tag. I commit and I show up for myself and for those around me to build a reliable system.

Role Modelling

ROLE MODELLING: I practice what I believe and I believe what I practice before I preach.

Sustainability + Growth

SUSTAINABILITY + GROWTH: I build bottom up sustainable models and networks. I grow, I co-support those around me to grow and the system we are a part of grows consequentially.


SELF TO SOCIETY: I constantly travel to-&-fro between self to society for self-awareness. I experiment a change on my self before I propose a societal level change.

Human Connection

HUMAN CONNECTION: I use compassionate language to build human connection by recognizing needs, feelings and developing strategies to meet needs and achieve satisfaction.