Aug 2020: Virtual Kick-off Meet for Online Training Sessions for Youth Conflict Manager Trainees comprising of young

professionals and students from different parts of the country and even Nepal! 

Manika Mishra

Lawyer & Founder JGU Covid Support

Conflict Management Workshop Participant 

While disagreement is common in personal and professional situations

we are never given tools to deal with them. YCM fills exactly that gap.

It gives you those tools and trains you to use them. YCM has tailored their sessions to include different demographics which helps create higher level of empathy through perspectives of people similar, different and opposite from you. I'd recommend the course and workshops for anyone who wants to manage conflicts without getting overwhelmed or restless.




Aarti Bajwaa

Student & Young Professional


Youth Conflict Manager Trainee


Sahil Kumar



Youth Conflict Manager Trainee

The training sessions are knowledgeable and the most important thing is that they are full of visualisation and experience-based activities.

YCM is an opportunity to bring out something within me and I am that kind of person who is always willing to learn and adopt something new. I am delighted to be a part of such an initiative and thankful to Jindal Global University and everyone related to the programme.  




Meghna Jain

Organizing Committee 

YCM JGU (Jindal Global University) Centre


Youth Conflict Manager Trainee

YCMCM's Conflict Management Workshops, so far, have been the highlight of my weekends. You would expect a certain amount of dislike for something that dominates your weekend. But these workshops, especially Kudrat, have a way of making them so interactive and fun. These workshops inculcate values within you through light activities so that you unknowingly end up learning so much, in a way that you will actually remember what you learn for a long time.

I believe these workshops are especially important because of the end goal they hope to achieve; a youth run comflict management centre on campus. It would not only further the campus's overall feeling of cohisiveness, but also teach students to efficiently and peacefully manage their conflicts; A skill that is not only of utmost importance, but also one that is missing from our education system and culture. I believe that our nation as a whole would benefit if more universities chose to implement this initiative on their campuses.


Shubham Gupta & Yukti Kumar

PR Committee 

YCM JGU (Jindal Global University) Centre


Youth Conflict Manager Trainees

YCMCM workshops were jam-packed and very productive which was great, Kudrat was very inspiring and truly demonstrated the spirit of what she was training. The activities were really well tied into the workshops and really helped us to practice the theories.


We would urge other students to set up a YCM Centre on their campus, it would help them to Realize their problems, how to Respond to those issues or problems and then how to Resolve it or Deal with it. As this is our major Goal: